al Qawaid (maxims) enjoy an important place in Islamic jurisprudence. They encapsulate concepts and precepts that can help one understand details of Law as it stands. More important than that, they are capable of helping one in arriving at the appropriate ruling where no explicit law exists.

Islamic economists are frequently called upon to look into situations not covered by existing rules. They also need guide posts when charting the vast expanse of rules that are already there. They are, like all students of Islamic Law, in need of “maxims”.

The Centre was pleased to endorse Dr. S.M. Hasanuzzaman’s proposal of a study dealing exclusively with maxims relevant for economic issues. It is still more pleased to present the fruits of Dr. Hasanuzzaman’s labour to scholars. Credit goes to the author, for this is the first-ever work on this subject in English. However, it is only a beginning. In all humility it is being published to invite further deliberation and discussion. We are especially keen to discover more instances of modem applicability of these and other maxim.

Any contribution to the subject will be welcome.

Dr. Mohamed A. EIgari